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Acupuncture (traditional and needle-free) is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing and to improve overall functioning.  The acupuncture treatment itself consists of the insertion of tiny thread-like needles into specific points along pathways of energy called meridians.  These meridians run through the body and along its surface in regular patterns to nourish and regulate all bodily functions.  As long as energy flows freely and harmoniously, health is maintained.  If energy becomes blocked or depleted, pain or illness will result.


Classical Chinese theory states that stimulation of acupuncture points facilitates the movement of energy or Qi (chi) to release blocked energy and regulate areas of deficiency.  Basically, it helps correct internal imbalances in the body.  According to modern medical science, research suggests that the meridians are actually our nervous system pathways.  Acupuncture acts as a stimulus to the nervous system, prompting it to send messages to the muscles, spinal cord and brain to correct these internal imbalances and encourage healing.  More specifically, acupuncture needles stimulate specific nerve fibers to carry electrical impulses back to the hypothalamus to regulate hormones and trigger the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine, adrenaline and serotonin.  These effects enhance and activate the body's ability to heal itself, promoting physical vitality and mental health.



Each Acupuncture Treatment will last approximately 45 mins-60 mins.  Your acupuncture treatment may include moxa or TDP lamp (heat therapy); gua sha (a technique to break up congestion); cupping; electro-stimulation ; or auricular (ear) acupuncture depending on the condition presented.


Insurance Coverage:

Many insurance companies are now fully covering acupuncture treatments.  I am an out-of-network provider for most major insurance plans including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Horizon, Aetna, Cigna, Qualcare and United Healthcare.  We are happy to check your insurance coverage before beginning treatment.


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Chinese Herbal Medicine

As both an Acupuncturist & Herbalist, I find that one of the most effective tools in my kit are Chinese Herbal Formulas.  Chinese herbs are different than Western herbs that you can typically find over-the-counter in any healthfood store.  Chinese herbs must be prescribed by a qualified practitioner and typically are concocted into formulas containing 5-15 herbs.  As an herbalist, I was trained to combine a number of different herbs in different quantities to develop a formula specific for your individual pattern of imbalance. 

The Chinese Materia Medica includes over 6,000 medicinal substances that are typically plant or mineral based.  Herbs were traditionally available in dried form, combined into a formula and then boiled to activate the ingredients.  Although this was the way I learned, I am thrilled that these formulas and ingredients are now available in more convenient forms such as tinctures, tabs and granules.  All of these are sourced and prepared by reputable herbal companies that follow strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and are subject to high levels of quality control.
Chinese herbs can be taken alone or (for best results) in combination with acupuncture treatments.

Initial Chinese Herbal Medicine Consult           $65

Chinese Herbal Medicine Formula                      Price will vary (typical 2-week formula prescriptions are about $30)